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The Center for Court Innovation seeks to improve the way courts access and share information, and its applications have been replicated in courts around the country. By building state-of-the-art computer systems into its demonstration projects, the Center seeks to speed case processing and improve accountability, ensuring that defendants comply with court orders and that all court personnel and partners are on the same page for each case. The Center has created applications for domestic violence courts, community courts, drug courts, and mediation programs.

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The Center’s services include:

  • Site visits
  • Hands-on assistance
  • Trainings
  • Research and writing

Site Visits
Site visits are useful for introducing interested court planners to the various technology applications used in Center for Court Innovation demonstration projects.

On a typical site visit, visitors will:

  • see technology being used in a courtroom;
  • go through a fully customized technology demonstration;
  • meet project staff, who will be available to answer questions;
  • obtain sample documents such as user documents and training materials; and
  • brainstorm new approaches to problems back home.

Alternatively, Center staff are available to visit clients in their own setting. Technical staff can observe a client’s courtroom, give a demonstration of Center applications, and discuss technical specifications.

Hands-on assistance
The Center for Court Innovation provides intensive one-on-one assistance in the planning, implementation, and enhancement of technology in problem-solving courts. The Center provides the source code for its technology applications—all developed for New York state—to clients free of charge. To install and customize a particular application to fit another state’s laws, practices, and programs, clients may choose to engage the Center’s experienced technology consultants to adapt an application’s existing functionality. Staff from the Center’s technology consulting team can also completely customize and implement the application; this includes functionality enhancements, the design of new screens, connection of the application to a state’s criminal justice databases and configuration of hardware.

Available applications include:

  • The Domestic Violence Court Technology Application, written in Java Server Pages (JSP). Hardware consists of three Sun Solaris servers and digital signature pads. Software includes Oracle 9i Database, Internet Explorer 5.x, Adobe Acrobat and XML Mill.
  • The Justice Center Application, written in Java Server Pages (JSP). Hardware consists of two Sun Solaris servers. Software includes Oracle 9i Database and Internet Explorer 5.x.
  • The Drug Court Application, written in PowerBuilder 6.0 and runs on a Digital Alpha Server running UNIX. The database is Oracle 9i.  Users run Windows NT/2000. More information about the Drug Court application can be found at: and
  • The Mediation Application is written in Active Server Pages (ASP) with a Microsoft Access database.

Center for Court Innovation technology experts provide customized workshops, panels, and trainings to help practitioners understand and implement technology in their own courtrooms. Speakers from the Center have participated in conferences across the U.S. and internationally.

Research and writing
Center for Court Innovation researchers are available to conduct original research, including both impact and process evaluations, and to produce publications.

Click here to read the Center’s technology-related publications, or visit the Research page to learn more about the Center’s research team and its projects.

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