From the mortgage crisis to landlord-tenant disputes, the Center for Court Innovation has sought solutions to complex problems involving housing. 


Kelly O'Neill Levy Embraces Her New Assignment as Presiding Judge of the Harlem Community Justice Center

Acting Supreme Court Judge Kelly O'Neill Levy discusses her transition from Bronx Family Court to the Harlem Community Justice Center, where she uses problem-solving strategies in family and housing cases. (May 2013)
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Addressing Vacant Properties through Prevention, Enforcement and Redevelopment

Roxann Pais, an executive assistant city attorney in the Dallas City Attorney's Office, describes how prosecutors across the U.S. are responding to the crisis in foreclosed and vacant properties. (March 2009)
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Fighting Mortgage Fraud

Ann Fulmer, a lawyer and community activist, explains how mortgage fraud harms neighborhoods—including her own community outside Atlanta, Georgia—and what residents can do to stop it. (February 2009)
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Addressing Foreclosed and Abandoned Properties

By Roxann Pais and Robert V. Wolf
The strategies in this guide—which have been culled from real-life approaches across the U.S.—are intended to assist law enforcement and government agencies seeking to prevent property abandonment and lessen problems when abandonment occurs.
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The Effects of the Harlem Housing Court on Tenant Perceptions of Justice

By Rashida Abuwala and Donald J. Farole, Jr.
This study examines the perceptions of self-represented tenants in an innovative housing court at the Harlem Community Justice Center. Harlem tenants viewed the experience in more positive terms then litigants in a conventional court, in large part because they were more likely to perceive the court process and outcome as fair.
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The Perceptions of Self-Represented Tenants in a Community-Based Housing Court

By Rashida Abuwala and Donald J. Farole, Jr.
An article presenting the major findings of the Center's comparison of tenant perceptions at the Harlem Community Justice Center and the centralized Manhattan housing court.
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A Full Response to an Empty House: Public Safety Strategies for Addressing Mortgage Fraud and the Foreclosure Crisis

By Robert V. Wolf
An overview of law enforcement and government responses to mortgage fraud, foreclosure, and abandoned property, drawing on focus groups sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance in January 2009.
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