A Court Keeps People Out of Rikers While Remaining Tough

The New York Times, June 11 2015

The New York Times describes the Red Hook Community Justice Center's success at cutting the number of people jailed, reducing recidivism, and saving moneyand highlights the effort to create a similar justice center in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

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Broken Windows 2.0: A Smarter Version

The Crime Report, August 19 2014

Center Director Greg Berman responds to the public debate in New York City over “broken windows” theory in The Crime Report

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Remembering Alfred Siegel

New York Law Journal, February 5 2014

In the New York Law Journal, Greg Berman reflects on the loss of Alfred Siegel, deputy director of the Center for Court Innovation.

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Unlearning Gun Violence

The New York Times, November 12 2013

New York Times columnist Joe Nocera reports on his visit to the Save Our Streets Crown Heights, which is deploying a public health approach to gun violence.

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Red Hook Community Court is a success for defendants and taxpayers, study shows

New York Daily News, November 12 2013

The New York Daily News reports on a federally funded survey of the Red Hook Community Justice Center that found that the community court reduced costs, decreased the number of defendants sent to jail and also drove a drop in crime.

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Alternatives to Incarceration are Cutting Prison Numbers, Costs, and Crime

The Guardian, July 4 2013

In The Guardian, Greg Berman writes about the New York approach to reducing incarceration while lowering the crime rate.

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Turning Lives Around, and Saving the State Money

The New York Times, May 23 2013

Jim Dwyer of The New York Times reports on the results of a Center for Court Innovation study about the impacts of Rockefeller Drug Law reform.

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Easing the Passage From Prison

The New York Times, February 15 2013

The New York Times covers the Parole Reentry Court graduation at the Harlem Community Justice Center.

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Confronting Criminals Slows Murders in NYC

CNN Radio, January 7 2013

CNN Radio features our program Save Our Streets Crown Heights, noting that shootings have dropped 40 percent thanks in part to the work of the initiative's caseworkers.

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Novel Courts Handle Low-Level Crimes Across US

AP, September 23 2012

An Associated Press story on the evolution of community courts. According to Center for Court Innovation Director Greg Berman: "We've seen these ideas which were derided and dismissed by many in the '90s as totally loopy and beyond the pale become...embraced by criminal justice systems across the country."

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