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Everyone wins when non-custodial parents find employment, pay their child support, and develop parenting skills. The Center’s Syracuse office, in collaboration with the Onondaga County Family Court, Syracuse University's Family Law & Social Policy Center, and a community-based program known as the Parent Success Initiative, piloted New York State’s first problem-solving child support program in 2008. Using this program as a model, the Center for Court Innovation worked with the New York City Human Resources Administration and the New York City Family Court to launch the Kings County Parent Support Program in 2010. Both programs link non-custodial parents with needed services to increase child support payments and maintain healthy parent-child relationships.

How It Works

The Parent Support Program is designed to help non-custodial parents meet their child support obligations and build stronger relationships with their children. The program links non-custodial parents who are involved in child support cases with a range of employment services and other assistance, including job skills development, vocational training, case management, family life skills classes, continuing education and literacy classes, legal advice and representation, transportation assistance, and child care.

Judges refer eligible non-custodial parents to the program when they appear in court for their child support cases. A resource coordinator screens each parent, assessing the client’s individual needs and linking him/her with appropriate services. The resource coordinator then monitors the client’s participation in the program, and provides the court with regular progress reports.

What's New

Recently, twenty-seven parents graduated from the Kings County Parent Support Program. As a group, they have contributed more than $70,000 to the support of their children since enrolling. Overall, the program has collected almost three-quarters of a million dollars and is aiding dads who are now employed, paying child support, and participating in their children's lives.


During the first two years of the Parent Support Program in Syracuse:

  • 432 non-custodial parents were deemed eligible for the program.
  • 70% of eligible participants who accessed employment services were placed in positions of employment.
Featured Research


Kings County Parent Support Program Honors 10th Graduating Class

BROOKLYN, NY, Dec. 2, 2015 - The Kings County Parent Support Program celebrated its 10th graduation ceremony Wednesday at the Kings County Family Court in Downtown Brooklyn.  

As an audience of attorneys, court staff, family members, and representatives of community-based groups looked on, the 27 graduates, received certificates of recognition for completing the program.

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Improving Compliance Through Respect and Procedural Fairness

Improving Compliance Through Respect and Procedural Fairness

In this article in the Office of Child Support Enforcement’s Child Support Report, Liberty Aldrich, director of domestic violence and family court programs at the Center for Court Innovation, explains how a court-based problem-solving approach to child support cases can increase child support payments, reduce negative consequences, and build healthy parent-child relationships.


From Drug Court to Classroom: Creating a Court to College Program (Practitioners Manual)

From Drug Court to Classroom: Creating a Court to College Program (Practitioners Manual)

By Corey Calabrese, Valerie Raine and Gregg Roth

This Practitioners Manual provides step-by-step guidance for drug court teams looking to help participants pursue higher education. The other three manuals provide support for participants, interns, and trainers.

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