Human Trafficking


The Intersection between Prostitution, Human Trafficking, and Victimization Among Justice-Involved Women

The National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women, in partnership with the Center for Court Innovation, conducted a webinar titled to explore the nexus between prostitution, human trafficking, and victimization among justice involved women. The webinar discussed strategies that justice system stakeholders can take to identify women who may be victims of exploitation and human trafficking, address their needs, and improve their response to these women.


Center for Public Policy Studies

The Center for Public Policy Studies is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1984 to provide technical research, consulting and development services to public-sector agencies in the United States and abroad. Among their many areas of focus is human trafficking and the state courts.


Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative

The State Justice Institute's Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative is coordinated by the following partner agencies: the Center for Public Policy Studies (CPPS), the Center for Court Innovation (CCI), the National Judicial College (NJC), Legal Momentum, and the National Association for Women Judges (NAWJ). The HT Courts website is designed to provide up-to-date information, reports, statistics, and tools that will help justice system policy makers, practitioners and researchers more effectively address human trafficking issues.


Legal Momentum: National Judicial Education Program

Legal Momentum's National Judicial Education Program (NJEP) is a unique, award-winning project which pioneered judicial education about gender bias and was the catalyst for and advisor to over 50 high level state and federal task forces on gender bias in the courts nationwide. NJEP educates judges, attorneys, and justice system professionals about the ways in which gender bias can undermine fairness in criminal, civil, family, and juvenile law. NJEP has a particular focus on sexual assault cases and cases involving the intersection of sexual assault and domestic violence, and creates resources and provides training on these issues to promote the fair adjudication of these cases. NJEP is a partner in the Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative.


National Association of Women Judges

National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ)  is the nation’s leading voice for women jurists dedicated to preserving judicial independence, ensuring equal justice and access to the courts for women, minorities and other historically disfavored groups, providing judicial education on cutting-edge issues, and increasing the numbers and advancement of women judges at all levels to more accurately reflect their full participation in a democratic society. NAWJ provides unique opportunities for members to enrich their professional lives, keep abreast of important issues, and network while contributing to social justice, and is a partner on the Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative.


National Judicial College

National Judicial College is a national leader in judicial education, and works with the judiciary to improve productivity, challenge current perceptions of justice and inspire judges to achieve judicial excellence. NJC offers an average of 90 courses annually with more than 3,000 judges, and with the recent growth of online education, more than 4,000 judicial officers are accessing 30-40 web events each year. Through the Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative, NJC is able to offer tailored trainings to judges on human trafficking in their state.

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