Daring to Fail


Daring to Fail

Daring to Fail

The winner of the 2010 PASS Award from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency,  Daring to Fail is a collection of interviews with leaders in a variety of fields – prosecution, policing, community corrections, indigent defense and others – about leadership, management and innovation.

What follows are some excerpts from the book. To download a copy, click here.

Tim Murray
Executive Director, Pretrial Justice Institute
"Failure comes with lessons learned, yet those lessons are held pretty selfishly because there’s no platform for them to be shared."

R. Gil Kerlikowske
Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy 
"I don’t see anyone out there saying, ‘We tried this, it didn’t really work out, but here’s what we learned.’"

Bill Bratton
Former Police Chief, New York City, Boston and Los Angeles
"We tend to only look at failure in times of crisis, such as when a parolee commits a heinous crime.  But paying attention in times of calm is when it’s most valuable."

Joan Petersilia
Professor, Stanford Law School
"There’s a long history of over-promising and under-delivering that has contributed to the constant pendulum swings in punishment practices."

"Daring to Fail" Book Launch
In February 2011, Policy Exchange, a London think tank, hosted a discussion with Greg Berman from the Center for Court Innovation and John Prideaux of The Economist to celebrate the release of Daring to Fail: First Person Stories of Criminal Justice Reform.

Video: "Daring to Fail" Book Launch
A book launch discussion with Greg Berman from the Centre for Court Innovation and John Prideaux of The Economist.


New Research: Innovation in the Criminal Justice System
The results from a survey of over 600 national criminal justice leaders provides a snapshot of the current state of innovation in criminal justice. It seeks to answer such questions as: Is innovation a priority? Are criminal justice leaders aware of emerging research? Do they use research to inform policymaking? What obstacles stand in the way of innovation?

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