Onondaga County Parent Support Program

Located in Room 116 of the Onondaga County Courthouse, the Onondaga County Parent Support Program is one of two Center for Court Innovation Parent Support Programs designed to help non-custodial parents meet their child support obligations and build stronger relationships with their children. These programs provide non-custodial parents who are involved in child support cases with a range of services intended to help them find and maintain employment, including career exploration, resume preparation, and interview coaching, as well as ongoing support after securing employment.

The Onondaga County Parent Support Program is an initiative of the Upstate Office of the Center for Court Innovation and is funded by the Onondaga County Department of Social Services and the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. Created in 2008, the Onondaga County Parent Support Program was the first problem-solving child support program in New York State. 

How It Works

Individualized services: During intake, each client’s employment goals, needs, assets, and challenges are identified and then used to generate a customized action plan.

Range of services: Recognizing that obtaining stable housing, affordable child care, and appropriate treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues is a prerequisite to long-term employment, the Parent Support Program provides referrals for these and other life needs.

Both court-referred and walk-in clients: Referrals to the Parent Support Program come from Family Court judges, support magistrates, and probation officers. Parents with open child support cases can also voluntarily enroll in the program.

Close supervision: Participants who are mandated to participate in the program by Family Court judges or support magistrates are supervised by the employment services coordinator, who provides regular updates to the judge or magistrate.

Accountability: Clients successfully graduate the Parent Support Program when they have been working for six consecutive months and making regular support and/or arrears payments.

Program Outcomes

The Onondaga County Parent Support Program during 2016:

  • Amount of child support contributed by 2016 graduates: $76,169.36, more than three times the amount collected from these clients during the six months prior to their participation in the program
  • Number of new clients served: 77, with an average of 18 per month
  • Participants graduated: 20, directly improving the lives of 35 children
  • Over 250 referrals

    Over $185,000 support has been collected to date, much of it from graduates who were paying $0 / month prior to their participation in the Parent Support Program. 

  • For more information about the program, please contact Dan Olivadoti at (315) 671-2006.

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