What We Do

Expert Assistance

The Center for Court Innovation provides hands-on, expert assistance to reformers around the world, including judges, attorneys, justice officials, community organizations, and others. Having launched dozens of innovative justice initiatives, we know firsthand the nuts-and-bolts of getting a new project off the ground.

Experts from the Center for Court Innovation are available to help justice reformers plan and implement new policies, practices, and technologies, advising on proven approaches that have been tested elsewhere and encouraging experimentation.

Our assistance takes many forms, including help with analyzing data, facilitating planning sessions, and hosting site visits to our operating programs in the New York City area.

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Operating Programs

The Center conceives, plans, and operates programs that seek to test new ideas, solve difficult problems, and achieve system change. In so doing, the Center wrestles with thorny planning and implementation challenges. This experience grounds the organization in the realities of how difficult it is to alter the behavior of individuals, communities, and government bureaucracies. The Center works with a broad range of government, non-profit, and community partners. It has a particularly strong relationship with government in New York—especially the state court system, for which the Center provides ongoing strategic advice and programming. While the Center's projects cover a broad range of topics—from juvenile delinquency to the reentry of ex-offenders into society—the approach is always the same: rigorous, collaborative planning and an emphasis on using data to document results.

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The Center for Court Innovation conducts rigorous and independent research, documenting how government systems work, how neighborhoods function, and how reform efforts change things (or do not). The Center's in-house team of researchers also provides regular feedback on the results of the Center’s own operating programs. In addition to performing original research, the Center disseminates new ideas about justice reform through books, articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, social media, and other vehicles.

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